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Mental wellbeing 
everyone, everywhere,
through acts of altruism.


To improve mental well being
through acts of altruism that benefit vulnerable
individuals and BAME communities as
part of a COMPLETE mindfulness practice. 

Mind + Body + Soul = Happiness




Don't worry. 
Don't hate. 
Be free. Be you. Be one. 
Be kind.
    Be diligent.


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We're not a business for profit. 

We're a business for good.

All company assets legally protected against self-interest.

Moonroq Soul - COMMUNITY Interest Company






We’re a community of social entrepreneurs, volunteers and 'do-gooders' with a shared vision; 

Mental wellbeing for everyone, everywhere!

Leveraging our combined knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, community services and maths we're developing and delivering a 'complete' mindfulness practice called 'Moonroq Mindfulness' to tackle toxic digital behaviours and trends, both established and emerging. 



We run a free and confidential advice line, letter writing, and digital connection services to support individuals whose mental health is suffering due to the cost of living/homelessness, digital exclusion, and access to public services in the ’new normal’.


We organise and efficiently implement 'do-good' projects across the globe, sometimes to raise awareness of a particular cause or sometimes to simply create the most intimate of human connections; random acts of kindness. 

Through these good deeds, our members reap the

proven mental health benefits of altruism, and our beneficiaries improve their mental wellbeing via our support and assistance.


We want the world to be a better place because we were here.

We want to be in a place to help others know

the value of who they truly are,

so they can be the beings they were born to be.


Because no one else is you, and that is your power!

To know this and live it means that:

You are the master of your own destiny.

You are accepting of yourself and everyone else.

You trust your intuition and aren't afraid to own it. 

You are a catalyst for helping others feel good

You take a stand for what you believe in.

You embody your message and are

a living testament to your cause. 

To the point that your empowerment,

allows you to be a part of

creating a global consciousness of

unity, peace and love.

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