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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

‘Maybe this is our chance to write the wrongs right, and be the ancestors that the future of this story will remember, as the ones who healed humanity’ – Stacie Martin

There is a human cost when we give up our privacy and data in exchange for digital convenience. That cost is:

  • The unprecedented failing mental health of humanity on a global scale.

  • The emergence of toxic digital behaviours.

  • Tech giants turning individuals into advertising metrics for record profits.

Depression is winning to be one of the leading causes of death and disease globally, and in particular in those aged between 8-16 years old.

We need actionable, scalable and accessible solutions to combat the impact of the 'Information age'.

Regulators and Government have been left behind by the unfettered, unregulated, infiltration into our personal lives of digital technology, which is far from perfect, with an array of conflicting global agendas from narrow business views of focusing solely on the maximisation of shareholder profits, to politics coupled with cyber warfare.

The result, biased algorithms that are discriminatory, in particular against BAME communities, and mass psychological manipulation through weaponised information against innocent Civilian populations as an accepted part of the 'digital age' designed to influence real-world human behaviour. Our digital capability to do this is way above and beyond anything that traditional propaganda or advertising was historically able to do. Always on, always learning, always manipulating, everyone, everywhere. Then there is the behaviour such actions inspire in others, such as splinter groups waging uncontrolled, asymmetrical, cyber warfare for anything from millions in ill-gotten gains to a laugh impacting thousands, if not millions every day.

The human cost is increased frequency of anxiety and depressive mental states of mind, as well as, unprecedented damage to human mental health and wellbeing on a global scale. We’re doing our bit to bring back ‘human’ connection into our everyday lives, build resilience through research, raise awareness and working in collaboration create innovative, technical solutions to rampant toxic digital behaviours devastating mental health in the digital age. For example building on the studies published in 2019 at Cambridge University, England, designed to dream up a solution to 'immunise' people against 'fake news'.

Join us on our journey to build the open-source mental health services, solutions and technology of tomorrow. More information on how to apply is detailed on the get involved page.

We look forward to connecting with you, human to human.

Moonroq Soul

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