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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Mindfulness, the art of being mindful. But what is it really? Is it the century old stoic attitude of acceptance and seeing things for what they really are? Wine, rotten grapes. Meat, the carcass of an animal. Mercedes Benz, a vehicle.

Is it the attitude of gratitude? Being grateful for what we have, in the hope of feeling a sense of contentment in a world that seems to never want us to be content. A world which constantly tries to convince us we need to produce, consume or take some other action in order to pursue, what are effectively externally created notions of success or happiness, ingrained into us from the cradle to the coffin. Gratitude being the frame of mind that act's as a pain killer that stops you feeling this imagined pressure, and the pain of not being able to meet these self-imposed expectations of desire.

Is mindfulness understanding that peace and love isn’t the absence of danger or fear? A feeling of control over the microcosm that is your mind when you are at peace and vibrating with love, and everything is connected in bliss. Or is it more a sense of indifference to worldly matters through an acceptance that rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, young or old, we are all essentially dying, second by second. Minute by minute. Tomorrow isn’t promised today, and our time is limited, therefore it is best used not being fearful, anxious or stuck in a state of inaction, from fear of change or inability to change, but instead best utilised in servitude to those suffering, or some other higher human purpose.

Is it our way of cutting through all the ‘noise’ created by the constant advertisements, our past or what the future will bring? Is it being in the moment, despite the machinations of those scientists of sales, the armies of marketers and researchers, who have worked out wh